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Information on Protection of Personal Data
We are aware that the private life and personal information of our valuable users are very important. In this context, in accordance with the 10th article of the “Personal Data Protection Law” which introduces regulations regarding personal data for the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms, especially the privacy of private life, you, our esteemed users; We would like to clarify for what purposes personal data are processed by us, to whom and for what purposes the processed personal data can be transferred, the method and legal reason of collecting personal data and your rights arising from the Law regarding your personal data.

Data Responsible

“” has the title of “Data Officer” defined in the 3rd article of the Personal Data Protection Law.

How your personal data is collected

“Personal data” means information belonging to a natural person whose identity can be identified or that we have or that we have access to, which can be identified. Your personal data, when you visit and use our Site ( and our mobile applications (together, “Our Site”), when you use our electronic commerce marketplace and zero risk system services (“Our Services”) through our Site, when you create an account, When you fill out a form, change your account information, purchase or sell goods and services, participate in a dispute resolution, contact us or other users about our Services, and participate in surveys, it may be collected automatically or by means of non-automated means as part of our data recording system.

The purposes of processing your personal data

Personal data;

Providing service: Providing access to our site, providing our electronic commerce marketplace and zero risk system services, fulfilling the rights and obligations arising from the User Agreement and any other contracts or Policy Texts we signed with you, and establishing a contract for the sale of goods and services and the realization of shopping. and to mediate the execution of your payment transactions, to collect payments, to resolve any disputes that may arise with us or another User,
Promotion and Marketing do: Our services are offered through our site or promotion of goods and services, make advertising and marketing,

Improving our Site and Services: Making our site easier to use and
to improve our services, to develop strategy, business model and market research and to include WPZON Worpdress Themes and group companies within the decision process,

to offer a personalized experience: our site “Profile Settings” section to offer, the social media sites you directly, or contact us any personal information that you share by allowing them to share with us, shopping trolly, in the Profile section of the “My Products”, “Download List”, “My Favorite”, ” User Panel “,” Settings “,” My subscriptions “and” User My Portfolio “under the category header in the information on our site your interests and tastes using information available to you to create a site content, coupons, discounts, special promotions, campaigns, exchange ideas and related goods to provide you with a better and more personalized shopping experience by providing marketing and advertising regarding services and services,

To provide internet, transaction security, to prevent transactions that may include fraudulent or illegal activities: To take the necessary precautions to use our site safely, to ensure that you perform your transactions safely, including payment, to detect fraud, fraud, security breach or suspicious or illegal activities, prevent or investigate,

To contact you: To contact you regarding your account or our Services, to provide customer service,

Advertising and marketing personalized by using tracking technologies and profiling methods: If you give explicit consent, by following the behaviors such as the pages, clicked links and advertisements belonging to third parties by using tracking technologies (cookies, web beacons, etc.) as well as the information you have shared with us. Direct marketing, online behavioral advertising, and location-based advertising based on profiles created using the information obtained or the exact geographic location information,

To meet the demands of the competent authorities: To provide information and documents for the activities carried out within the scope of the duties of the institutions and organizations authorized by the law and the law enforcement and judicial authorities,

Fulfill legal obligations: We collect, use and store in accordance with applicable laws in order to comply with the provisions of applicable legal regulations that require data processing.

Transfer of your personal data

Your personal data may be shared with other Users, business partners, service providers, financial institutions, legally authorized public institutions and agencies, law enforcement and judicial authorities that you authorize using our services.

In all cases and conditions, the sharing is made in accordance with the personal data processing conditions stipulated in the article 8 titled “Transfer of personal data” and 9 article titled “Transfer of personal data abroad”. In this context, your personal data is transferred only with your explicit consent or if there is another legal reason set out in the Personal Data Protection Law and listed below. In addition, while your personal data will be shared with third parties mentioned in this article, only as necessary and within the scope of its interest, necessary measures are taken by third parties to have the protection stipulated by the Law.

Legal reasons for the processing of your personal data (including when data are transferred)

We always process your personal data based on one of the legal reasons set out in Articles 5 and 6 of the Personal Data Protection Act. The legal reasons we base on in this context:

Clearly foreseen in the laws: This legal reason is based on when your personal data is processed due to a provision in the laws. This is the basis of our processing activities, which we have carried out in order to fulfill the above legal obligations.

Being compulsory for the protection of life or bodily integrity: In cases where consent cannot be explained due to actual impossibility or when it is deemed to be legally invalid, it is based on this legal reason for the data to be processed in order to protect the life or integrity of the person concerned or someone else.

Fulfillment of a legal obligation: This legal reason is based on when processing your personal data is mandatory for us to fulfill a legal obligation. This is the basis of our processing activities, which we have carried out for the purposes such as “meeting the demands of the competent authorities” above.

Being publicized by the person concerned: This legal reason is based on when you personally share your personal data with the public.

Establishment, use or protection of a right: Where legal processing of your personal data is mandatory for the establishment, use or protection of a right, this legal basis is based on. For this reason, the processing of your personal data may be the basis for our processing activities we perform in cases where it is necessary for proof during the trial.

Execution of a contract: This legal reason is based on when the processing of your personal data is directly related to the establishment or performance of a contract. For this reason, the above-mentioned “Service delivery”, “Internet, to provide transaction security, to prevent transactions that may include fraudulent or illegal activities” and “to communicate with you” constitute the basis of some or all of our processing activities.
It is compulsory for our legitimate interests, provided that it does not harm your fundamental rights and freedoms: This legal reason is based on when the processing of your personal data is necessary for the execution of our commercial activities, but the processing in question does not harm your fundamental rights and freedoms. For this reason, the above mentioned “Promotion and marketing”, “Improving our Site and Services”, “Personalized experience sumac” and “Internet, provide transaction security, prevent transactions that may include fraudulent or illegal activities” are the basis of some or all of our processing activities. .

Explicit consent: This legal reason is based on when you expressly consent to the processing of your personal data. In the absence of any of the legal reasons mentioned above, we process your personal data only if you give your explicit consent. In cases where you have given your explicit consent, you can revoke your explicit consent at any time.

Your rights within the framework of Article 11 of the Law

Regarding the data we collect;

Learning whether it is processed or not,
Request information about these, if processed,
To learn the purpose of processing and whether it is used in accordance with its purpose,
To know who they are if they are shared with third parties at home or abroad,
Requesting correction in case of missing or incorrect processing,
Requesting the erasure or destruction of your processed data in case the reasons requiring processing disappear,
In case your data is deleted or corrected upon your request, to request notification of the transactions to third parties to whom personal data are transferred,
Objection to the emergence of a result against you when analyzed exclusively through automated systems,
Requesting the elimination of the damage in case you suffer damage due to being processed illegally
you have the rights.

When you want to use these rights; You must report it at

Information About Privacy Policy

With this privacy policy, the use and protection of the users’ personal information on is regulated on the WPZON website.

Personal information of the users, such as name – surname, date of birth, telephone number, e-mail address, TR identity number, and any personal information that will directly or indirectly identify the user, and will be referred to as “personal information” in this privacy policy. The personal information of users will not be used in any way other than the scope and scope determined by this privacy policy and will only be shared with third parties with the express consent of the user. takes the necessary precautions to ensure the security and confidentiality of personal information and transaction information performed by users. may use other programs for this purpose. However, will not have any responsibility for this reason in the event that personal information is damaged or third parties are attacked as a result of attacks on the website and / or system despite the necessary information security measures taken by

It is not possible for a user to access and change the information of another user. The user’s personal information is accessible only to the user, except for, and this information can only be updated by the user. At the request of the user, personal information can be updated by can be used for purposes of measuring personal information, advertising, promotion, marketing and other communication activities, and sharing it with Group Companies and business partners, as well as recording and using it to improve the service quality offered by and to carry out site activities better. Personal information may be shared with judicial and administrative institutions in accordance with the Privacy Policy in line with requests and notifications received by administrative and judicial institutions. User’s personal information; If necessary, it can be shared with the other user involved in the process in order to speed up the process and provide communication between users. can obtain statistical information of users using the website using a technical communication file. Users can change the browser settings to block this file if they wish.

Every user who visits the website will be deemed to have accepted the privacy policy.